Source code for femagtools.model

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

    Managing model parameters

    :copyright: 2016 Semafor Informatik & Energie AG, Basel
    :license: BSD, see LICENSE for more details.
import logging

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

def gcd(a, b):
    while b:
        a, b = b, a % b
    return a

def lcm(a, b):
    if a or b:
        return abs(a*b)/gcd(a, b)
    return 0

class MCerror(Exception):

class Model(object):
    def __init__(self, parameters):
        if isinstance(parameters, dict):
            for k in parameters.keys():
                setattr(self, k, parameters[k])
    def set_value(self, name, value, p=None):
        """set value of parameter identified by name
        :param name: name of parameter
        :param value: value to be assigned to parameter
        if isinstance(name, str):
            setattr(self, name, value)
        if len(name) > 1:
            k = name[0]
            if hasattr(self, k):
                self.set_value(name[1:], value, getattr(self, k))
            elif p:
                self.set_value(name[1:], value, p[k])
            self.set_value(name[1:], value, self)
        if p:
            p[name[0]] = value
        setattr(self, name[0], value)
    def get(self, name, r=None):
        """return value of key name

        :param name: key of parameter value
        :returns: value of parameter identified by key
            if isinstance(name, str):
                return getattr(self, name)
            if r and type(r) == dict:
                for k in name:
                    r = r.get(k)
                return r
            if len(name) > 1:
                if r:
                    return self.get(name[1:], getattr(r, name[0]))
                return self.get(name[1:], getattr(self, name[0]))
            return getattr(self, name[0])
        except KeyError as e:
            raise MCerror(e)
    def __str__(self):
        "return string format of this object"
        return repr(self.__dict__)

    def __repr__(self):
        "representation of this object"
        return self.__str__()

[docs]class MachineModel(Model): """represents a machine model for a FE analysis :param parameters: string or dict containing the model parameters. For example: :: {'lfe': 0.1, 'poles': 4, 'outer_diam': 0.13, 'bore_diam': 0.07, 'stator':{ 'num_slots': 12, 'num_slots_gen': 3, ... }, 'magnet':{ 'material': 'M395', .. } } if parameters is string it is interpreted as the model name. """ def __init__(self, parameters): super(self.__class__, self).__init__(parameters) name = 'DRAFT' if isinstance(parameters, str): name = parameters elif 'name' in parameters: name = parameters['name'] # must replace white space name = name.strip().replace(' ', '_') for c in ('"', '(', ')'): name = name.replace(c, '') setattr(self, 'name', name) try: self.external_rotor = (self.external_rotor == 1) except: self.external_rotor = False self.move_inside = 1.0 if self.external_rotor else 0.0 if 'magnet' in parameters: if 'mcvkey_mshaft' in self.magnet: self.magnet['mcvkey_shaft'] = self.magnet['mcvkey_mshaft'] for mcv in ('mcvkey_yoke', 'mcvkey_shaft'): if mcv not in self.magnet: self.magnet[mcv] = 'dummy' if 'coord_system' in parameters: self.move_action = 1 else: self.coord_system = 0 self.move_action = 0 if 'stator' in parameters and 'num_slots_gen' not in self.stator: try: m = self.windings['num_phases'] except: m = 1 try: self.stator['num_slots_gen'] = (m*self.stator['num_slots'] / gcd(self.stator['num_slots'], m*self.poles)) except: pass def set_mcvkey_magnet(self, mcvkey): self.mcvkey_magnet = mcvkey def get_mcvkey_magnet(self): try: return self.mcvkey_magnet except: return ''
[docs] def set_magcurves(self, magcurves, magnetmat={}): """set and return real names of magnetizing curve material :param magcurves: :class: 'MagnetizingCurve' including magnetizing curve materials :returns: set of magnetizing curve names attached to this model """ names = [] missing = [] if magcurves: if 'stator' in self.__dict__: try: if self.stator['mcvkey_yoke'] != 'dummy': mcv = magcurves.find(self.stator['mcvkey_yoke']) if mcv: logger.debug('stator mcv %s', mcv) self.stator['mcvkey_yoke'] = mcv names.append(mcv) else: missing.append(self.stator['mcvkey_yoke']) logger.error('stator mcv %s not found', self.stator['mcvkey_yoke']) except KeyError: pass if 'magnet' in self.__dict__: try: if self.magnet['mcvkey_yoke'] != 'dummy': mcv = magcurves.find(self.magnet['mcvkey_yoke']) if mcv: logger.debug('magnet mcv %s', mcv) self.magnet['mcvkey_yoke'] = mcv names.append(mcv) else: missing.append(self.magnet['mcvkey_yoke']) logger.error('magnet mcv %s not found', self.magnet['mcvkey_yoke']) except KeyError: pass try: if self.magnet['mcvkey_shaft'] != 'dummy': mcv = magcurves.find(self.magnet['mcvkey_shaft']) if mcv: logger.debug('shaft mcv %s', mcv) self.magnet['mcvkey_shaft'] = mcv names.append(mcv) else: missing.append(self.magnet['mcvkey_shaft']) logger.error('magnet shaft %s not found', self.magnet['mcvkey_shaft']) except KeyError: pass try: magnet = magnetmat.find(self.magnet['material']) if magnet and 'mcvkey' in magnet: mcv = magcurves.find(self.magnet['mcvkey']) if mcv: logger.debug('magnet mcv %s', mcv) self.magnet['mcvkey_magnet'] = mcv names.append(mcv) else: missing.append(magnet['mcvkey']) logger.error('magnet mcv %s not found', magnet['mcvkey']) except KeyError: pass except AttributeError: if 'material' in self.magnet: missing.append(self.magnet['material']) logger.error('magnet mcv %s not found', self.magnet['material']) if missing: raise MCerror("MC pars missing: {}".format( ', '.join(set(missing)))) return set(names)
[docs] def statortype(self): """return type of stator slot""" for k in self.stator: if isinstance(self.stator[k], dict): return k raise MCerror("Missing stator slot model in {}".format(self.stator))
[docs] def magnettype(self): """return type of magnet slot""" for k in self.magnet: if k != 'material' and isinstance(self.magnet[k], dict): return k raise MCerror("Missing magnet model in {}".format(self.magnet))
[docs] def is_complete(self): """check completeness of models""" try: self.statortype() self.magnettype() return True except: return False
class FeaModel(Model): def __init__(self, parameters): self.cufilfact = 0.45 self.culength = 1.4 self.wind_temp = 20 self.slot_indul = 0.0 self.skew_angle = 0.0 self.num_skew_steps = 0 self.num_par_wdgs = 1 self.eval_force = 0 self.optim_i_up = 0 self.plots = [] super(self.__class__, self).__init__(parameters)