Source code for femagtools.opt

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

    Manage multi-objective optimization with FEMAG

import femagtools
import femagtools.fsl
import femagtools.moproblem
from .moo.algorithm import Nsga2
from .moo.population import Population

import logging

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def log_pop(pop, ngen): objectives = pop.problem.objective_vars decisions = pop.problem.decision_vars log = [''.join(['Generation: {}\n'.format(ngen), 'rank '] + ["{:10s}".format(o['name'].split('.')[-1]) for o in objectives] + [" "] + ["{:12s}".format(d['name'].split('.')[-1]) for d in decisions])] for i in pop.individuals: log.append(''.join(["{},".format(i.rank)] + ["{:10.2f},".format(f) for f in i.cur_f] + [" "] + ["{:10.4f},".format(x) for x in i.cur_x])) log.append( '--------------------------------------------------------------------') log.append(" znad: {}\n zi: {}\n zw: {}\n Norm Dist: {}".format( pop.compute_nadir(), pop.compute_ideal(), pop.compute_worst(), pop.compute_norm_dist())) return log
[docs]class Optimizer(object): def __init__(self, workdir, magnetizingCurves, magnetMat): self.femag = femagtools.Femag(workdir, magnetizingCurves=magnetizingCurves, magnets=magnetMat) def _update_population(self, pop, engine): self.job.cleanup() for k, i in enumerate(pop.individuals): task = self.job.add_task() pop.problem.prepare(i.cur_x, self.model) for mc in self.femag.copy_magnetizing_curves(self.model, task.add_file(mc) task.add_file('femag.fsl', self.builder.create(self.model, self.fea, self.femag.magnets)) ntasks = engine.submit() status = engine.join() for t, i in zip(self.job.tasks, pop.individuals): if t.status == 'C': r = t.get_results() if isinstance(r, dict) and 'error' in r: logger.warn("Task %s failed: %s",, r['error']) else: pop.problem.setResult(r) i.cur_f = pop.problem.objfun([]) else: logger.warn("Task %s failed with status %s",, t.status) pop.update() def __call__(self, num_generations, opt, pmMachine, operatingConditions, engine): return self.optimize(num_generations, opt, pmMachine, operatingConditions, engine)
[docs] def optimize(self, num_generations, opt, pmMachine, operatingConditions, engine): """execute optimization""" decision_vars = opt['decision_vars'] objective_vars = opt['objective_vars'] population_size = opt['population_size'] problem = femagtools.moproblem.FemagMoProblem(decision_vars, objective_vars) self.builder = femagtools.fsl.Builder() self.model = femagtools.model.MachineModel(pmMachine) self.fea = operatingConditions self.fea.update(self.model.windings) self.fea['lfe'] = self.model.lfe self.fea['move_action'] = self.model.move_action self.fea['pocfilename'] = (self.model.get('name') + '_' + str(self.model.get('poles')) + 'p.poc') self.pop = Population(problem, population_size) algo = Nsga2() self.job = engine.create_job(self.femag.workdir)"Optimize x:%d f:%d generations:%d population size:%d", len(self.pop.problem.decision_vars), len(self.pop.problem.objective_vars), num_generations, self.pop.size()) results = dict(rank=[], f=[], x=[]) for i in range(num_generations):"Generation %d", i) if i > 0: newpop = algo.evolve(self.pop) self._update_population(newpop, engine) self.pop.merge(newpop) else: self._update_population(self.pop, engine)'\n'.join(log_pop(self.pop, i)))"finished") ft = [] xt = [] for i in self.pop.individuals: results['rank'].append(i.rank) ft.append(i.cur_f) xt.append(i.cur_x) objective_vars = self.pop.problem.objective_vars decision_vars = self.pop.problem.decision_vars results['f'] = [[s.get('sign', 1)*y for y in f] for s, f in zip(objective_vars, zip(*ft))] results['x'] = list(zip(*xt)) results['znad'] = [s.get('sign', 1)*v for s, v in zip(objective_vars, self.pop.compute_nadir())] results['zi'] = [s.get('sign', 1)*v for s, v in zip(objective_vars, self.pop.compute_ideal())] results['zw'] = [s.get('sign', 1)*v for s, v in zip(objective_vars, self.pop.compute_worst())] results['dist'] = self.pop.compute_norm_dist() results['objective'] = [o['desc'] for o in objective_vars] results['decision'] = [d['desc'] for d in decision_vars] return results
#print("\nChampion: {}\n".format(pop.champion['f'])) #if flast != None: # print("Fitness Comparison:") # for f1, f2 in zip(pop.champion['f'], flast): # print( "{:10.2f} {:10.2f} {:10.2f}".format(f1, f2, f1-f2)) #flast = list(pop.champion['f']) #print("") # except: # print "Unexpected error:", sys.exc_info() # print("L2 distance to the best decision vector:") # for best_decision in prob.best_x: # l2_norm = 0 # for n in range(0, len(best_decision)): # l2_norm += (best_decision[n] - isl.population.champion.x[n]) ** 2 # l2_norm = sqrt(l2_norm) # print(l2_norm) #pf=pop.plot_pareto_fronts() #savefig('pf0.png')