The ForceDensity object contains the PLT file results. It has following attributes which mostly correspond to the text sections in the file:

Attribute Description
project Name of model file
filename Name of PLT file
date calculation date
version FEMAG version
nodes number of nodes
elements number of elements
quality meshing quality
positions Position properties


list of dictionaries for each position

position rotor position
X list of angles
FN list of normal component of force
FT list tangential component of force
Radius list of radius
B_N list normal component of flux density
B_T list tangential component of flux density


fdens = ForceDensity()'example.PLT0')
pl.title('{}, Rotor Position {}'.format(
         fdens.title, fdens.positions[0]['position']))
pl.plot(fdens.positions[0]['X'], fdens.positions[0]['FT'])

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