Flux and flux-linkage

Command: post_models(“flux(x1, x2)”, “r”)

Returns the flux in the variable with the freely selectable identifier “r” that passes through a straight line defined by the points (x1,y1) and (x2,y2).


m.coord_x1 = 33.974   -- Point coordinate x1     [mm]
m.coord_y1 = 15.955   -- Point coordinate y1     [mm]
m.coord_x2 = 21.492   -- Point coordinate x2     [mm]
m.coord_y2 = 29.681   -- Point coordinate y2     [mm]


b    = r[1]   -- Induction [T]
flux = r[2]   -- Flux [Vs/m]

Funktion: Psi_re, Psi_im = flux_winding_wk(key)

Returns the real and imaginary parts of the coil flux-linkage (der Spulenflussverkettung) per unit length. Depending on the definition of the global units, the units are either [Vs/m] or [Vs/mm].


key Winding key


In FEMAG versions prior to March 2015, the unit is always [Vs/m] regardless of the global_units.