End-winding leakage inductance

Command: post_models(“end_wind_leak”,”leak”)

Ausgabe der Wickelkopfstreuinduktivitäten

The command returns the d- and q-axis components of the leakage inductance of the previously-defined end-winding; (see End-winding distribution and end-turn length) for the defined windings.


L0 = leak[1] -- Null-Induktivität [H]
Ld = leak[2] -- Längsachsen-Induktivität [H]
Lq = leak[3] -- Querachsen-Induktivität [H]

Command: post_models(type, “leak”)

Calculation and output of end-winding leakage inductance. The command returns the d- and q-axis components of the internal and external end-winding leakage inductance.


type “leak_tooth_wind”, “leak_dist_wind”, “leak_evol_wind”

For script examples, see End-winding distribution and end-turn length.


m.nseg            =          2.000  -- Number of segments
m.npolsim         =          5.000  -- Number of poles simulated
m.fc_radius       =         34.250  -- Radius air-gap center (torque) [mm]
m.endheight       =         10.000  -- End winding height h[mm]
m.bendrad         =          4.000  -- Bending radius Rb[mm]
m.wiredia         =          1.000  -- Wire diameter dw[mm]


L0e = leak[1] -- Externe Null-Induktivität [H/Windung]
Lde = leak[2] -- Externe Längsachsen-Induktivität [H/Windung]
Lqe = leak[3] -- Externe Querachsen-Induktivität [H/Windung]
L0i = leak[4] -- Interne Null-Induktivität [H/Windung]
Ldi = leak[5] -- Interne Längsachsen-Induktivität [H/Windung]
Lqi = leak[6] -- Interne Querachsen-Induktivität [H/Windung]