Multiple Calculation and FE-Simulation

Command: run_models(type)

execute simulation function


type Model such as “cogg_calc”, “pm_sym_fast”, “ld_lq_ident” ..

New features with FEMAG Rel 9:

  • 1/6 Period Rotation: the simulation functions coggcalc, pmsymfast, pmsymloss, ldlqfast, psdpsqfast have a new optional parameter m.periodfrac:

    • m.periodfrac = 1 rotation range covers the mechanical period (default),

    • m.periodfrac = 6 rotation range is 1/6 period, the table values Torque, Flux, Forces, Voltage and Force Density are extended based on symmetry conditions.

  • Movie Files: the field values vector potential, flux density and demagnetization can be saved after each rotation step when running a FE simulation. This is achieved by setting the parameter m.movietype = filetype before invoking any of the FE simulation functions cogg_calc, pm_sym_fast, pm_sym_f_curr. Valid file types are “vtu” or “eps”. (Note: The file type EPS is a graphics format)

Command: set_sim_data(name, value)

set simulation specific values

name eg. “explicit_mode*
value 1 activates explicit mode that disables automatic adaptions of values such as start position, move range and number of move steps (since Rev 8.3)